Pearsmile is an innovative and safe teeth whitening treatment. This procedure is 100% cosmetic and adheres to the safety standards in gels.

Pearlsmile has been successfully running in Germany where the product is made and has passed all EU safety standards. This added to the unique way of applying the treatment makes this a revolutionary product.

We have now opened a Salon in Richmond, London following successes in Germany, Russia and Dubai.

The safe teeth whitening experience in the Salon is not your traditional procedure, there is no dental chair or complex procedure but a relaxing experience sitting upright with a mouth tray and LED for 12 mins.

This teeth whitening method with low peroxide causes zero sensitivity which is great news for those who suffer from sensitive teeth and gums.

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The method of  cosmetic tooth whitening  is painless. In contrast to the traditional bleaching methods  , the activation of the at  bleaching gel  from an LED cold light source.The effect of the LED cold light precludes the dehydration of the dentin and gums irritation. The cosmetic gel for tooth whitening with the concentration of Pyroxid not exceeding 0.1%, will not hurt the enamel. All this makes the cosmetic  teeth whitening  to a painless and accessible to all procedure.

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